The Whitney Collection is an eco-friendly, Los Angeles-based luxury candle company that was founded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by LA native, Whitney Brooks.

The collection strives to improve the conversation surrounding mental health and champions the power of scented candles as a vehicle for comfort, self-expression, and imagination. 

The idea for the collection began while Whitney was in search of an escape from the ‘real’ world; a place where she could go to receive mental clarity and peace in an ever-changing environment. Traveling was always that release for her, but with pandemic travel restrictions in place, Whitney was forced to look inward.

“I realized it was time for me to do some inner work. If I couldn’t get to where I wanted to go by car or plane, I was determined to get there through my imagination. Through the practice of visualization meditation and daydreaming I found myself back in places like Palm Desert and the South, places that I loved travelling to with my family. When I began to shift my focus on these beautiful moments of travel, I felt my world opened up again.”

The collection was created to honor the beautiful scents from different locations of Whitney’s cherished travels abroad. The brand’s intention, with its affordable pricing and chic black and white glassware, is to bring a sense of comfort and peace to a space that fails to otherwise. For those who are seeking a mental escape or those who are in desperate need of a vacation but can’t travel, Whitney’s hope is that her candles will be able to “transport us to a world inside of ourselves, even if just for a little.”